Is your produce organic?

We offer both organic and conventional produce. If you'd like a box with all organic fruits and veggies, you can specify that during sign up, or by choosing only organic produce when customizing your box. If you choose an organic box, you will only receive organic produce by default, but can add conventional items to your box during customization if you choose to. 

Our supply team has decades of experience working with growers and we take the integrity of terms like “organic” very seriously. We maintain records of all required organic certifications. We work with many different farmers and different certification processes. In general, most of the organic farms we work with are certified by CCOF, Oregon Tilth, NOP (USDA), or QAI. As the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO's) is prohibited in certified organic products, none of our organic produce has been genetically modified. 

If you are interested in organic produce, check out our organic box here!

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