How do I update my delivery address or delivery instructions?

Please note: If you make a change to your delivery address during or after the customization window for an order, this will not alter the delivery address or cancel the order, and it will still be delivered to the old address. Please contact support if you need to change your address after the customization window has closed.

 To update your address or delivery instructions:

  • Log into your Imperfect account.
  • Click “Account Details” on the left-hand side of your screen.


  • On this page, you'll see your e-mail, delivery address, phone number, delivery instructions, and window. 
  • To update your address, phone number or delivery instructions, simply click on the field you'd like to change and input your new information. 
  • Make sure to click “update” when you are done!

Note: Changing your address may put you on a different delivery route potentially changing your delivery day, time or both.

If you input a new zip code, the delivery day and time will update automatically. You can use the drop-down menu next to the delivery time to view your delivery window options. 


If you are having any issues with updating your address or have any questions about your next delivery, please reach out to our customer care team! We can be contacted at or calling us at 510-595-6683.

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