What is Imperfect, and how does it work?

Imperfect is a produce delivery company focused on fighting food waste by finding a home for 'ugly' produce. We source imperfect produce that would have otherwise gone to waste directly from farms and deliver it to our customers' door for about 30% less than the grocery store. These fruits and veggies are just as delicious and nutritious as their perfect counterparts in the grocery store. They simply look a little 'wonky' on the outside.


Upon sign-up, you can select the box size, type, and frequency that suits your lifestyle. For each order, your box will be filled with imperfect fruits and/or vegetables according to the box type you selected. Our ever-changing list of delicious, seasonal produce and non-produce items is available for you to view during your customization window. This allows you to edit your box as much as you'd like – so there’s no receiving or paying for produce you don’t want! 


Want to learn more about where we came from? Check out our about us page!  

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