Why don’t you offer more variety?

While we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of produce, the honest truth is that since we’re focused on fighting food waste, there are some items that we're rarely able to offer in our boxes. Since we’re following the seasons and the waste, we have to be flexible and adapt to the fruits and veggies that are around each week. This means that we’re different than a traditional grocery store or delivery company, but also much less wasteful! This also means that we’re able to offer delicious items that most markets don’t supply; such as broccoli leaves, peaberry coffee, crystallized honey, and flowering herbs!

Since we’re following the seasons and following the patterns of surplus and potential waste, certain specialty items are rarely, if ever going to be an option for us. For example, raspberries aren’t an item we stock in our inventory often. There is such high demand for them, and there just aren’t many imperfect berries to begin with. Additionally, we want to provide you with high quality but affordable produce–having to sort through ‘imperfect’ berries would be too labor-intensive to make sense.

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