Is all your produce local/from the US?

Our produce sourcing varies by the day and the week depending on the weather and the seasons. Ultimately, our philosophy as a company is “follow the waste.” Since over 80% of the fresh produce in the U.S. is grown in California, this is where we source the majority of our fruits and veggies for all of our markets. Since so much of the nation's produce is grown here anyway, sourcing from California makes economic and environmental sense.  

We will always try to source locally when possible, but the sourcing of produce does depend on seasonality and availability. We do source from out-of-state and other countries when necessary and seasonally appropriate. We are not a local produce service. Our primary focus is reducing waste. Food waste has no borders. Waste is a problem worldwide, and we do what we can to reduce waste wherever and however we can. In the winter, this means sourcing from Mexico and beyond. To learn more about how and why we source produce from outside of the United States, please read our blog post on the topic!

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