How does billing work for each order?

Here’s what you should know:

  • We authorize the credit or debit card on file for the amount of your order right after your customization window ends. If we run into issues we’ll let you know so you have a chance to correct things before it's too late; if we still have trouble processing then we'll have to cancel your box for the week.
  • We charge credit or debit cards at noon, following your delivery. Meaning, if you received your delivery at 5 pm Tuesday night you will be charged the following day (Wednesday) at noon.

  • You might see a couple different types of listings within the "Billing History" section under "Amount." Orders that have a dollar amount listed are past orders that have already been charged. Any listing that is marked as "pending" has yet to be processed. 



  • If any credits were applied to your order you will see this noted to the right of the "Amount" column. To view more details regarding the credit simply open the order invoice by clicking "View Order"



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