How does billing work for each order?

We realize when viewing your billing details, the charges can seem a little confusing at first. Here’s what you should know:


  • We charge credit cards at noon, following your delivery. Meaning, if you received your delivery at 8pm Tuesday night you will be charged the following day (Wednesday) at noon, and if you received your delivery at 4am Tuesday morning, you will be charged that day (Tuesday) at noon. 


  • When viewing your billing details page, you will notice a few different order “types”. The charge "type" merely indicates the cost amount of the box or delivery; this doesn’t indicate the cost that has been charged to your card, but rather that you have accrued a balance in your account.


  • The only cost that will be charged to your card will display as an “order payment”. When an order payment has gone through, it will display as an amount in the form of -$ amount as seen below (-$22.27). The charge to your card will typically display in your bank statement 1-2 days after the charge date in your Imperfect account.




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