Are you taking produce that would have gone to food banks otherwise? Where did this produce go before Imperfect started?

We're so glad you're concerned about this! The good news is that our business doesn't negatively impact what the food banks receive. The reality is that the supply of “ugly” produce is so much greater than the demand. As a reference, there are conservatively 3 billion pounds of produce going to waste every year in California alone, AFTER food banks, processors, and animal feedlots have taken what they want and can use. California food banks take in about 150,000 pounds in produce donations every year. So, the fact is that we waste more produce than what the national food banks can absorb, much less those just in California. Instead, we're helping reduce food that would otherwise end up in the landfill. We recognize that fighting hunger and fighting food waste are interrelated, however, which is why we regularly donate thousands of pounds of produce to our food bank partners across the country and continue to help make healthy, delicious food accessible and affordable for everyone.

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