What are you doing to address hunger in the United States?

Fighting hunger and fighting food waste are interrelated, which is why we donate thousands of pounds of produce every week to our food bank partners across the country -- 1.9 million pounds to date. Food banks are some of our closest allies in the ongoing fight against waste and hunger. Here’s what Amanda Grant, Director of the Westchester Food Pantry in Chicago, had to say about Imperfect:

“As a food pantry director, I can tell you that Imperfect has been a HUGE donor for us...In the winter, when produce is scarce and local gardens are memories, it has been Imperfect that we truly rely on. Often in the winter, their donation might be the only produce we have for our clients. And let me be very clear: before Imperfect, there were NO large produce donations for us. There were no farmers or agriculture companies trying to give us produce. NONE. Thanks to Imperfect, we’ve gotten MORE produce than ever before for our clients.” 

Additionally, we deliver our boxes at an extra 33% discount to low-income customers who qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) because we are committed to making fresh produce for affordable and accessible to everyone. This ends up being about half the price of the grocery store. We have 7,000 low-income households taking advantage of this program today. To learn more about this discount, click here.  

Finally, all our jobs at Imperfect pay a living wage. This is relevant to any discussion around hunger because a lot of America’s 40 million food insecure people have jobs but get paid so little they still struggle to put food on the table. Good jobs with fair pay, strong benefits, and an equity stake in the company are a powerful force to help people provide for themselves and their families. Paying all our team members living wage was a non-negotiable for our founders in founding Imperfect.

For our co-founders, Ben and Ben, fighting hunger is close to their hearts. Before starting Imperfect, Ben and Ben founded the Food Recovery Network, America’s largest student movement against hunger with chapters on 230 campuses and over 3 million pounds recovered. We hope to continue to grow our impact in the fight against hunger as we scale.

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