What is the best way to store my imperfect produce?


Storing produce correctly is the best way to ensure all your wonky tomatoes, avocados and potatoes taste absolutely scrumptious when you're ready to enjoy them! 

  • Stonefruit and citrus can be stored on the counter, but if you'd like to slow down the ripening process you can also store them in the fridge.


  • Items like onions, garlic, hard squash, and potatoes are best kept in a dark cool location such as a pantry.
    • Make sure you store your onions and spuds separately. Onions emit a gas that causes potatoes to sprout faster!
    • Spuds that have begun to sprout are still safe to consume. You only need to remove the sprouts themselves!


  • Most other fruits and vegetables should be kept in the fridge.
    • Fridge temperature should be at 40℉ or below 
    • Cut or peeled produce should always be refrigerated 



Special notes:  

  • Asparagus stays fresher longer if placed stem-end down in an inch of water. 
  • Mushrooms are best kept in a paper bag. 
  • Greens immediately begin to lose their moisture content once removed from the ground. 
    • A great way to extend the life of your greens is to store them with a few moist paper towels.
    • If your greens are looking a little droopy you can revive them by first cutting off any browned parts and then soaking them cool water for twenty minutes. 
  • Bunched herbs need lots of love! Once received, it is best to remove any rubber band or twist, trim the stems and rinse. If you are not going to use the herbs immediately, you can store them by using a cloth or paper towel to wrap the stems together and place the bunch in a bag or plastic container to store in the fridge.  


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