Aside from farm waste, how is Imperfect supporting the reduction of food waste?

Farms do create a large amount of food waste, however, household food waste is reported to be the largest contributor to food waste in the United States. For reference, households contribute 43% of the total food waste, restaurants are responsible for 18% and Farms contribute 16%. 

Imperfect is committed to eliminating food waste and since this problem is so prevalent in households we've created a subscription service that encourages customers to only purchase what they know they will consume. We know not everyone loves kale so we highly encourage all customers to customize each and every orde. This way, we only deliver items that will be enjoyable for that customer. Additionally, we love sharing our tips and trick to reduce waste around your home on our blog! Here are some great blog posts to get you started:

We also have begun selling “short-coded” packaged foods in certain areas. These are items whose expiration dates are still a few months away, but won't get purchased by supermarkets because stores are afraid that worried consumers wouldn't buy them. Curious about about short-coded items and expiration dates? Head on over to our blog post, The Face of Packaged Food Waste: Expiration Dates and Short Coding.

Lastly, we also partner with local restaurants who value our mission to reduce food waste and hope to increase our partnerships in this supply stage as well.

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