Why don’t you just donate all of your produce?

We want to see all the produce we recover go to the people who need it most, which is why we became a for-profit social enterprise. We started as a non-profit, but we found that the logistics of getting fresh produce from farms to people who need it were not scalable. Being a for-profit business has allowed us to donate way more food to our food bank partners than we ever could have as a non-profit -- 1.9 million pounds and counting as of January 2019. And with our low-cost boxes for SNAP recipients, we’ve been able to make fresh, healthy, and delicious produce available at an affordable price to even more people.

We also believe in creating a better food system for everyone, and that includes farmers and our employees. Farmers simply can’t afford to donate all of their surplus and ugly produce, which is why we pay them a fair price for food they would have otherwise had to leave in the field or sell for pennies on the dollar. In addition to supporting farmers, we sell rather than donate our produce so we can pay a living wage and provide health care to all of our fulltime Imperfect employees in every city we operate in. Every customer who receives a box of our produce is helping make this happen.

We fully support other companies and organizations finding their own solutions to tackling the massive problem of food waste and hunger. The problem is so large and complex that we can all find our own ways to help. We’re proud to be doing our part in the most effective way we know how.

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