What is Imperfect Picks, and how does it fight food waste?

Imperfect Picks is our product line of grocery items that can best be described as a food-waste-fighting treasure hunt!  All of these items help fight food waste and are offered at a great discount but due to limited quantities, they might not last long in our inventory.

Our Imperfect grocery items can’t be sold at traditional retail for a variety of surface-level flaws or because there is more supply than demand. Below are some of the most common reasons packaged goods end up in the waste stream:

  • Packaging issues: When companies mislabel or update their packaging, a lot of times they’ll just throw out products with old packaging, even it’s still perfectly edible.
  • Surplus: Sometimes there just isn’t enough demand for an item, and most of the time, it’s easier for vendors to throw away food than it is to find someone who needs it. Think pumpkin spice anything after December.
  • Short coded: Most grocery stores won’t accept products with ‘best by’ dates that are less than three-six months away. They’re afraid it will sit on shelves too long, and that customers won’t buy it. Get the scoop on short-coded products in our blog post here. (Hint:  These dates don’t mean much!)
  • Appearance: Some packaged items just look different—broken rice or broken pasta, for example. They taste just as good, but can’t be sold at normal retail prices because of these minor flaws.


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