Why are you selling items beyond produce?

Food waste isn’t limited to just produce, which is why we’ve started looking for ways to reduce waste in the other aisles of the grocery store. This way we can make bigger progress towards our mission of reducing food waste and creating a better food system for everyone. We’re also doing this to help make cooking easier for our customers. We love produce, but we know it can be difficult to cook meals and cover your weekly food needs on produce alone. Our customers have been telling us for years that they’ve wanted to see more variety from us! Since food waste isn’t limited to just fruits and vegetables it made sense for us to expand into the rest of the grocery store to tackle as much waste as we can!

We know a lot of our customers are worried about their environmental impact as well and we believe that providing more grocery options for our customers will reduce the need for supplemental grocery store trips (and therefore, reduce the carbon footprint!)  


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