How do I donate my used Imperfect box?

If you're in Pacific Northwest, our delivery team is able to collect your past Imperfect boxes and we will donate them to either The Oregon Food Bank or Seattle Food Lifeline. The food bank and their partner agencies will use the boxes to distribute packaged food to the community—giving your Imperfect box a second and third life!

To have your clean, dry, and non-damaged box collected by our delivery team: 

Step 1: Remove the address sticker.

Step 2: Pull off the tape on the bottom of the box. 

Step 3: Fold the box flat.

Step 4: On your delivery day, leave the flat box in the same place you usually receive your delivery. Make sure it's protected from any wet weather conditions. 

When one of our rockstar drivers delivers your new box, they will pick up your old box and bring it back to our warehouse where they will be picked up by one of our food bank partners. Please note that we can only collect boxes that are in tip-top shape and this decision is at the discretion of the driver. 

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