How do I sign up?

Ready to join in the fight against food waste? Sign up for an Imperfect produce delivery by following the steps below. Our wonky produce can't wait to meet you! 

To sign up: 

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Review the box types available. 


Step 3: Click "Sign me up!" on the box you'd like to subscribe to 

Note: All boxes are completely customizable so you can add Organic produce to a conventional box, fruit to a veggie box and vice versa! The box type only reflects the type of items that we place in your box each week before you customize it. 

Step 4: Enter your delivery zip code and click go

Step 5: Review the box sizes and select the frequency that you'd like to receive your boxes. 

Step 6: Click "I want it" 

Step 7: Enter your email, create a password and then click "Continue"

Step 8: Enter your delivery information and click "Continue" 

Step 9: Enter your payment information. Don't forget the CVC number!

Step 10: Click "Complete my order" 

That's it, you're all set! 

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